Luis Miguel at Don Haskins Center

Luis Miguel Tickets

Don Haskins Center | El Paso, Texas

The much anticipated Luis Miguel comes to El Paso, Texas on Saturday 6th July 2019. Hosted by none other than premier venue, Don Haskins Center. July is full of exciting events at Don Haskins Center and this event is no different. Luis Miguel has been trending on social media in Texas since it's announcement. As with all events, this is bound to have plenty of breathtaking instagram worthy moments. Luis Miguel tickets have been selling since day one. All of El Paso will want to be here, but unfortunately there's limited seats! Secure seats for any friends and family joining you at this breathtaking event, by getting tickets ASAP.

Luis Miguel at Don Haskins Center

This July on Saturday 6th July 2019, Don Haskins Center is bringing the thunder when they host Luis Miguel which critics are predicting will be the leading show in 2019. With fans already rushing the ticket stands to order great seats for this show, it’s easy to guess that this show will sell out fast. But did you know that this event is drawing in crowds for more than just the astounding action? That’s because Don Haskins Center offers their patrons and guests a wide variety of perks and services that make this the most popular place in town for your Saturday night entertainment. Not only will you stay refreshed with your choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages served by the astounding bartending staff, but you’ll also be able to enjoy fine dining with your choice of five-star restaurants and bars on the same street and block as Don Haskins Center. If you demand style and comfort from your venues, then you can rest assured that you’ll have it, as Don Haskins Center also offers intimate seating, elegant decor and design, and a staff that will treat you like an A-list Celebrity. So if you’re searching for the ultimate in entertainment, you can have it on Saturday 6th July 2019 when you see Luis Miguel at Don Haskins Center. To make sure you don’t miss out, click the Buy Tickets button below and order your tickets today!

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